"Divorce creates many problems but one question always arises. It concerns how the property of the husband and wife should be divided and whether one of them should continue to support the other."

Lord Nicholls of Birkenhead

At what is invariably a highly stressful time, a qualified and experienced financial planner has a key role in the divorce process. The advice we offer includes:

# The financing of the family home. We look at the mortgage market for you to find out how much you can borrow and discuss the impact on your finances.

# Helping with the completion of Form E including obtaining current valuations.

# Analysing the pension inquiry form, Form P, to check if there are any possible mistakes or discrepancies.

# Discussing the CETV (Cash Equivalent Transfer Value) or CEB (Cash Equivalent of Benefits) and the effects they will have on the division of assets.

# Talking through offsetting, earmarking and pension sharing

There are many other aspects that we help our clients with during these discussions. Our aim is always to allow the parties to discuss and negotiate a final settlement, whilst reducing, wherever possible, the tension around disputes about the distribution of the assets.

Neil is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institution by examination, a Chartered Insurance Practitioner, holder of the Diploma in Financial services and has gained the advanced Financial Planning Certificate AF3, which allows advice to be provided by the company in all areas of pensions and pension transfers.